Patting Myself On The BackπŸ˜‡

Many of us are so busy amidst the chaos, office, family, exams and so on. We tend to give ‘no time’ for self contemplation. We are so caught up that we forget to appreciate oneself for both small and big achievements that we have been able to make in our lives so far.

I believe that taking a moment and self appreciating is one of the most effective ways to boost your confidence and motivation to perform better. So, today I sat back and came up with three main achievements/improvements for which I want to CONGRATULATE myself!

First and the most noticeable improvements that I have realized in myself is CONFIDENCE. As a kid, I was always this little girl who dread going out alone. Not many people knew of my existence at school. When ever my parents told me to go out and buy something, I always told them that I was scared! ‘Scared equalled Shy’ to me back then! I was scared of meeting new people ( as if they would eat me aliveπŸ˜‚ ). I hated meeting new people.

But, things have taken a better turn for me. I no longer dread interacting with people. Rather, I like meeting new people and listening to their stories. I no longer tell my parents that I am scared of going out. I can travel and do things on my own without having to depend on others. I guess, that is all because of the little confidence that I have been able to build in myself over the years. And I haven’t got a clue about how I changed so much! I guess its because of the age may be πŸ˜„ So, yeah! This is the first reason for which I want to pat myself on the back!

I have always been a very thoughtful child. I have always tried to make my family feel proud and there isn’t a single moment when I let them down. And my parents always compliment me (and also my little sister) for being wonderful daughters! 😊I recently got accepted for a job and made my parents proud once again. 😎 Congratulations to myself!

Having been able to have POSITIVE outlook towards life is what I consider the biggest achievement of my life so far. Every little heart breaks that I faced made me stronger. I started thinking rationally and positively, which in turn brought nothing but happiness. When I breakdown, I always console my self by saying ” Hey girl! It’s okay! This too shall pass! ” That keeps me going! I believe that POSITIVITY plays a crucial role in bringing success and happiness.

These are three important things for which I am proud of! What about you guys? Make sure to give a moment for self appreciation. Trust me, u will feel better and more determined! πŸ™‚

Have a gud day ahead!



31st DECEMBER,2015 ; Around 11 AM!

” In memories of someone who was an important part of my LIFE.”

That was the day when my grand father passed away. What ever I am today, I owe a big part of it to him and my grandmother. Without their support and their humanitarian nature, I wouldn’t have even made it to this world. And of course, I am equally Thankful and Grateful to my Mom.

Due to certain circumstances, my mom had to give birth to me at her tender age and leave me under the care of my maternal grandparents. It was them who looked after me and gave me all the love and care that parents would give to their own offspring.

I have many beautiful memories with my grandparents, specially with my granddad. I don’t remember the amount of toffees and biscuits that I took from his little confectionery shop. But the good memories that came along during the course of my growing up under his care will always remain indelible.

The love that he bestowed on me,

The care that he showered on me,

The laughs that I laughed with him,

And all the other things that I did with him,

Will forever remain close to my heart.

It has been three years already and I still can’t believe the fact that he is no longer there with us physically. I still feel as if he is at his little shop back home. Sudden thoughts about his demise brings a feeling of great loss in me. However, this is how life is! No matter how far you are from me, I will always think about you. I will always keep you in my heart for it was you, who also loved me unconditionally.

It saddens me that you will no longer be able to see me grow bigger and to see how I will grow up in the years to come. I believe you will watch over me from high above and will always be emotionally attached with me. And most importantly, I promise to keep up with all the good values that you inculcated in me!

You were a great man!

a great grandfather!

a great dad


a great human being!!!


If We Were Having Coffee!

Tashi Delek! Thats how we greet each other in Tibetan!!! πŸ™‚

While catching up with my friends πŸ’–

I hope everyone who comes across this post anytime are doing amazing. Last week, I stopped by to read some of the posts on the ‘Midnight Madness’ by Georgia. Everything she had posted were fun to read. And she was kind enough to follow me back and it made my day that day! ^_^

One of her posts titled ” If We Were Having Coffee” kinda drew my attention the most. I wanted to post one on my blog the moment I finished reading about it. So, after a very hectic weekend, I am finally able to spare a time and do my own ” If We Were Having Coffee”….so lets begin! πŸ™‚

If we were having coffee together, the first thing that I would want to tell you is that 14 of this month is my last day of internship. After that, I will be in a kinda of dilemma as to what to do next! :/ Hoping and praying that I come up with something very productive. πŸ˜‹

If were having coffee, I would want to tell you how I am becoming a big fan of BTS ( Bangtan Boys), a South Korean boy band. I was and am aware of all the KPOP musics and Korean dramas but never really checked their music videos with that much of a zeal like I did with the BTS. All the members are charming and adorable in their own ways, BUT my bias would be Jung Kook ( drooling )……Why is he so handsome and talented? ( shedding happy tears )😭😌

If we were having coffee, I would want to tell you how I am excited about this coming fall. I live in Dharamsala, a hill station in North India. The weather is getting colder already and I am just hoping and excited to see snow this time ( not that i have never seen or experienced snowfall ). Winter is just my SEASON! Cold hands, red nose, vapor coming out from ur mouth, bundling up with thick clothes…..and so on..β„β›„πŸ˜

If we were having coffee, the last thing that I would want to tell you is how excited I am to try the goodies that one of my friends is bringing all the way from South Korea ( I hope he doesn’t forget). I have seen him drinking a ‘Rose Green Tea’ and I have requested him to bring one for me too. Cuz I love green teas. I can drink litres and litres of green tea! ( and COFFEE too ) And yeah! I will be meeting him in person for the FIRST TIME after being friends for almost six years! Yes! I know it sounds surreal but its true! We started knowing each other on Facebook but haven’t really gotten a chance to catch up in person. He is studying in South Korea and I in India. Hoping his plan to visit India doesn’t get canceled…(cz i can’t wait to eat the Korean snacks! hehehe)😎

I guess that is all I would want to tell you peeps for now!πŸ˜‡

P.S Thanks to Georgia for introducing me to this! and also Thank you for being my first follower! ❀

BYE BYE until next post!βœ‹



Tibet: A Nation Shattered By Oppression

Life has been a wonderful journey for me in terms of my academics and personal life so far. I am blessed to be born and raised in a country where I can pretty much voice my opinions ( if i wished to at any point of time). I have been provided with the luxury of getting proper education. I was fortunate enough to have been born to a family who values education and ensured that both me and my younger sister inculcate good values.

While at school, I knew very little about my country Tibet. Everything I knew about Tibet and Tibetans was from the surface. I knew that Tibet was occupied by Chinese in 1959 and that we Tibetans living in India were all refugees. But, I was unaware of the tremendous sufferings that Tibetans inside Tibet were going through, under the Chinese rule. I was unaware of the self immolations that were continuously happening inside and outside Tibet. I was unaware of  various organizations who were relentlessly fighting for Tibet. I was also unaware of how the Tibetan communities in exile all across the world worked under Central Tibetan Administration.

It was only during my stay at Tibetan Youth Hostel in Delhi for three years of my college that I was exposed to the ugly truth.  A truth which still is breaking the hearts of many. It is always a heart wrenching moment to see and read about injustices being done to one’s own people which eventually forces them to take extreme measure of setting themselves ablaze.

I believe that no situation can get any worse than having to live a life which is denied of basic Human Rights. This nightmarish condition is prevailing inside Tibet where it’s people’ s voices are unheard. Sacred monasteries and statues are being destroyed which hurts the religious sentiments of the Tibetans. Tibetans are being arbitrarily arrested. They are being detained and imprisoned for activities that are part of their basic human rights.

If you stage a peaceful protest, calling for the freedom of religion inside Tibet, you are detained. If you say anything in the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, you are detained. If you are protesting against environmental degradation by Chinese authorities, you are detained. If you are a family or a friend of the self immolators, you are detained. If you call for the use of Tibetan language as a medium of instruction at schools, you are detained. And the list is never ending.

However, the injustices does not just stop there at detention. The brutality and tortures, that Tibetan prisoners are subjected to behind the prison bars is unbelievable. Some are even forced to commit suicide inside the prison to free themselves from this hellish situation. There are many cases in which, the whereabouts of the prisoners remain unknown for years and years.

We always hear from our elders that we should read and watch news. And I know, it is important to keep oneself updated about the things that are happening around you. But there are moments when I feel that reading news brings a lot of negative vibes and anxieties. More than half of the news everyday are bad news. And when you read ( watch or hear ) news especially about your ‘country’ and your ‘people’, it shatters you even more.

I come across news, videos and articles about the sufferings of Tibetan people almost everyday. A part of me do not want to see it but then, a part of me wants to face the reality in order to give myself a moment in which I can sit and think. Think about how I would feel if I was in their shoes, and most importantly,  how I can do my bit to help and stand in solidarity with them.

I ( and every Tibetan and supporters of Tibet) wonder when the day will come when I will get to read good news about Tibet and Tibetans. Achieving freedom seems a distant dream to me but the possibility of making the lives of Tibetans inside Tibet peaceful isn’t. So, I pray for the well being and safety of Tibetans specially those in Tibet. 

I don’t know if I did a justice to the title of this blog post but I hope that those who come across this post ( specially those who doesn’t have a clue about Tibet and it’s oppression)  could feel for Tibet and it’s people. 


A poem that describes me the BEST


While at office today,   I was randomly looking for an elaborate explanation for the term ‘contradictory’ and guess what!  I came across a poem that describes me the best.  So,  I thought it is a good idea to repost the poem here as my first post on my blog. Without further ado,  let’s read the poem titled ‘I Am A Girl Made Up Of Contradictions’ by Alexa  Garcia.


I Am A Girl Made Up Of Contradictions


I am neither fearless nor weak.

I am loud and I am not quiet.

I am careful, yet I am reckless.

I am thoughtful,  yet I am impulsive.

I am pensive and observant, but I am not intelligent.

I am solitary, but I need people.

I am independent, but I am helpless.

I am anxious, but unaffected.

I am an open book, yet I hate revealing too much.

I am confident, yet I am self conscious.

I am a good influence, yet I influence bad decision.

I love to travel, but I am a homebody.

I need direction,  but I hate being told what to do.

I protect my heart,  but give myself away too easily.

I hate being hurt,  but I find beauty in the breakdown.

I live in the middle.

I am a chameleon.

I can be whoever I want to be,  but I can never be Who I am not.

I do not yet know who I am,  so I lose track of who I am trying to be.

I am built up of many contradictions.

And I am still wondering how that could be.

🍁 The End🍁

πŸ“Œ Let me know if any body else could relate to this poem.

πŸ‘‹Adios until next post!